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Indoor air pollution is a growing concern throughout homes and offices in the UAE. An increasing amount of scientific evidence has proven that the air quality in our homes and offices can at times be more polluted than the outdoor air in the cities. In the UAE, dust and sand particles are introduced into your home or office environment on a daily basis.

Due to the extremely hot UAE Summers, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Indoor air contaminants can pose health risks to many individuals. Exposure to indoor air pollutants for extended periods of time can result in a higher sensitivity to the effects of air pollution. This higher sensitivity most commonly results in allergies. Parents should be especially concerned and take measures to ensure that their children have the best indoor air quality. Additionally, allergy sufferers are more susceptible to illnesses and poor health due to the low quality of indoor air.

What’s In Your Air Duct Vents?

Dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, dirt, air fresheners, and mildew are some of the contaminants that are in our air duct vents. Additionally, mold can breed indoors when moisture is present. Keeping your air conditioner and air ducts clean by removing dirt and dust will result in a cleaner indoor breathing environment. Moreover, cleaning the cooling ducts and removing debris on a regular basis may help improve the indoor air quality in homes and offices while also enhancing the efficiency of the cooling system. Once the air ducts are cleaned, they are sanitized.


Inspection / Robotics Systems:

Super inspector with a high quality camera, variable intensity light and 8.5 inch monitor is used to deliver an excellent image of what’s hidden inside the air ducts. It comes with a 50 ft cord and special camera cart that allows it to travel freely inside the air ducts. This is used before and after the cleaning process so that customers can be sure that a thorough duct cleaning has been carried out.

Vacuum Collection Systems:

The E 1.5 hp super vacuum collector is used with 3500 cfm that gives excellent suction power to remove any dust/dirt in the system. The vacuum collector is having a cleanable pre-filter and a final HEPA filter.

Air Compressors Systems:

The powerful electric air compressor used supplies enough air volume and air pressure needed to operate the whip system, and other pneumatic/washing equipment. The air pressure coming out from the compressor is 175 psi.



Step 1: Remove wall, ceiling, and floor vents. Wash and rinse the vents.
Step 2: Clean the supply trunk line with a power brush to dislodge debris.
Step 3: Decontaminate the cleaned ducts by sanitizing with an Odor Kill Deodorizer.
Step 4: Clean the cooling coils with a high pressure air.
Step 5: Clean the Blower unit.
Step 6: The air handler will be turned on to make sure the system is cycling properly