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Water Tank Cleaning

Water stored in tanks can become seriously contaminated and must be regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned and disinfected in accordance with UAE standards. Morning Star, an ISO9001-2008 company, employs Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) built by VideoRay to inspect water tanks. The self propelled Scout X3 ROV inspection lets you see the condition of the underwater areas.

We offer a safe and scientific solution to clean and disinfect water tanks. The water tank cleaning process is a six step method using state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary antibacterial agents that are safe, effective and eco-friendly.

The six steps are:

  • Mechanized Dewatering – In the Mechanized Dewatering process, the surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud and algae after which the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out using special de-watering equipment.
  • Sludge Removal - Sludge which has settled on the floor of the tank is sucked out using our special sludge pumping equipment.
  • High Pressure Cleaning - The Walls & ceilings of the tanks are thoroughly cleaned using special high pressure jet cleaners which rid of the walls off calcinations, algae and all contaminants which cling on the internal surface of the tank causing microbiological contamination to grow.
  • Vacuum Cleaning - An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is used to remove the resultant contaminants, making the tank dirt-free.
  • Anti-bacterial Spray - The walls & ceilings are sprayed with Antibacterial agents.
  • Ultra Violet Radiation – Finally, sterilization is done using UV Radiation by a specially developed UV Radiator which is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.


As compared to conventional tank cleaning, we ensure faster tank cleaning for even the most neglected tanks.